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Holistic Care & Support

with Conscious Dying Coach & End-of-Life Doula,

Suzanne Wells-Moreillon.


Hi, I'm Suzanne.

As a Registered Nurse with over 40 years of experience in Emergency/Trauma and Hospital Management, I have witnessed and cared for countless patients during the last moments of life. When death comes quickly or unexpectedly, and ...

Holding Hands

Suzanne is very thorough, well educated, caring, and a diligent therapist / advisor. She is able to integrate a wide array of disciplines and practices, including decades as a nurse, in supporting and guiding others- whether navigating the challenges of end-of-life, or finding solutions to numerous health and well-being issues. I can easily recommend her with confidence. 

Practicing Psychologist

Deborah J.

My Services

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Discovery Call

I offer a FREE Discovery Call.

Let's have a conversation, get to know one another, and determine how

I can support you or your loved one throught this journey.

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Energy-Based Healing

As an Intuitive Health Coach,

Energy Codes Facilitator, and Reiki Practitioner, I can help you awaken your spirit, reduce stress, clear emotional and spiritual blocks, and welcome peace.

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End-of-Life Planning

As a Certified Conscious Dying Coach & Certified End-of-Life Doula, I provide caring, compassionate companionship well before the dying time to assist clients with non-medical, non-physical guidance, preparation, 

planning and focus.

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Client Testimonials

It is a gift to work with Suzanne. She is thoroughly professional and genuinely kind. I look forward to working with her again!

Katie A.

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Kris Michaels

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"The end of life deserves as much beauty,
care and respect as the beginning."


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