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When it's time
to approach our final chapter...

a little preparation can provide you or your loved one with the freedom needed to flow into the final dance with grace.

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When we begin to consider the end of life as we know it, or the passing of someone we love, it can feel scary and overwhelming on so many levels.

I can lift you up with tenderness, help you and your loved ones reframe the way you think about death, and bring peace to your hearts. 

As a Registered Nurse with over 40 years of experience in Emergency/Trauma and Hospital Management, I have witnessed and cared for countless patients during their final moments of life. When death comes quickly or unexpectedly to someone who is unprepared, final moments are often consumed by fear, anxiety and panic. The same emotions also arise with family and loved ones, as each is suffering from great resistance to the experience.

Over the years, I discovered calming techniques like Yoga, breathwork and Reiki can add in-the-moment relief, but nothing compares to the gift of advanced preparation.

When patients take the time to reflect and make conscious choices about their end-of-life experience ahead of time, it can bring unparalled peace and comfort. I strive to listen to my patients with compassion, help them reflect with gratitude, plan, and celebrate the awe and wonder of a life well-lived.

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