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End-of-Life Services

offered virtually or in person

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Certified Conscious Dying Coach

Most people don't even know this exists, because death isn't something we want to think about...let alone, talk about.

A Conscious Dying Coach helps individuals explore THEIR end-of-life wishes, well before end-of-life is imminent. 

This coaching is done when there is generous time and space to explore both a life well lived, and what a good death might look and feel like.

Reframing death as a positive experience is a process that allows an individual to reflect on his or her life from 5 domanins - Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, and Practical. 

Together, we'll create a simple Vision Map that articulates your intentions for each domain of life at the time of death. Then, we'll plan action steps to help the vision for each domain become a reality. 

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Certified End-of-Life Doula

Most of us have heard of the term "Doula" and may imagine a woman assisting a pregnant mama throughout her pregnancy and during the birth of her child.

Very few people know there is a mirror image of that role; a person who helps individuals with preparation throughout and during death. 

As an End-of-Life Doula, I provide guidance for creating advance directives (like A & B), opportunities to discuss death and dying, and can support end-of-life care planning while making decisions regarding hospice services or right-to-die otpions. This might include developing the environment and space to die, discussing and implementing personal belief rituals or ceremonies for your dying time, and assistance in communicating your beliefs, desires and emotions with loved ones and friends who may have difficulty accepting the end-of-life process. 

Additionally, I can assist you with the preparation of how you desire your death vigil (time of death) be carried out, help you decide who you want to be present with you, assist in preparing them for your vigil, but in most cases, I do not provide the vigil service.

Cost of services will be discussed and estimated for you after your FREE Discovery Call.

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